Add A Personal Touch To Your Bike With Do-It-Yourself Motorcycle Accessories

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Add A Personal Touch To Your Bike With Do-It-Yourself Motorcycle Accessories

If you don’t want your motorcycle to look like everybody else’s, you may want to consider trying your hand at do-it-yourself motorcycle accessories. Although there are plenty of accessories on the market that you can purchase outright, sometimes it is more fun to do things yourself. This is particularly true if you have the patience and skill to do them correctly. Depending on the project, you may even be able to get better results with your DIY efforts than you could if you purchased a similar accessory from the store.

One popular DIY project for motorcycle enthusiasts is to replace the padding in their seats. Although this project can be quite complicated, as long as you have relatively good sewing skills, you can usually get the job done. The quality of the padding in the seat can make a huge difference in how comfortable your bike is to ride. Unfortunately, however, high-end seats can cost a lot of money. If you are on a tight budget, you can do the project more cheaply by investing in the raw materials and creating the seat yourself.

custom motorcycleAll you have to do is remove the original cover from your existing seat, replace the padding, and put the cover back on. This is slightly more complicated than it sounds since it often involves tearing out stitches and sewing the material back together. However, if you are interested in doing this project, there are quite a few videos online that provide a step-by-step guide. You can watch some of these videos to see if it is something that you are up for before you begin.

Another option is to try your hand at making your own saddlebags for your bike. Again, premade saddlebags can be quite expensive. You can get the same effect by making your own out of high-end leather that you can find at a fabric store. Best of all, you can decide how many pockets you want in them, how big you want them to be, and how you want them to open.

Again, this project takes excellent sewing skills. Additionally, because you may have to come up with your own pattern for the saddlebags, you have to be able to think creatively. However, it can be a lot of fun designing your own bags for your bike, allowing you to add a customized touch that absolutely no one else will have on their bikes.

Finally, another fun do-it-yourself motorcycle accessory that you may want to try making is a customized camera mount. Being able to mount a sports camera in a unique location on your bike can result in some incredible footage. There are a lot of different options in terms of making mounts for your camera. Check out some online videos for ideas on unique mounts that you can make for your bike. This is a great way to share the thrill of riding with other people by creating high-quality videos that really stand out.

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Best Motorcycle Games You Aren’t Playing

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If you have always wanted to feel the rush of the wind across your face and the adrenaline pumping through your body as you race across the interstates in a roaring motorcycle now is your chance to do so without any risk involved. It’s time to rev up your PC and check out these incredible online motorcycle games that are going to allow you to perform wild stunts and hit the gas hard! If you have never tried an online racing game for motorcycles, be prepared to fall in love! Below you are going to find three of the very best motorcycle games

Hill Blazer

This game has the potential to become one of your all-time favorites, I know it is mine! This is an incredible game with beautiful graphics that is not gong to bore you with hard to learn controls. While you can enjoy the gorgeous scenery you can also rev up your bike and try some truly death-defying stunts! All you need to play this game is the arrow keys on your keyboard and you will be off on a very cool looking sports bike that lets you hit some extreme speeds that could be more than dangerous on the open road in real life!

Super Champ

If you are looking for a game that is going to take you to the edge and get your adrenaline pumping, you need look no further than Super Champ! This is an awesome game that truly gives you the need for speed! Whereas Hill Blazer makes you work your skills on creating awesome stunts and surviving them, Super Champ tests your endurance as you are forced to climb up some of the most incredible obstacles you have ever seen! This game takes off the gloves on the very first level as you  use your bike to climb over barrels that have been left in your way! This is a highly addicting game that will challenge you. This is a game that is going to pull you in and simply not let go. While the graphics are not the highest, the game play is so engaging you won’t care. This is one of the most outstanding motorcycle games online and should not be overlooked!

2029 Rider

This game has it all! Exciting game play with the best in graphics and it is free! This game takes you into the future with extreme graphics and will have you at your computer for hours as you are constantly challenged. The plot will keep you entertained as well. Imagine that a motorcycle game with an intriguing plot! Besides it is not everyday that you get to ride a motorcycle in the year 2039, is it? You will be glued to your screen for hours as you pass by intricate buildings that are not only beautiful but jaw-dropping as well. It will be a challenge to keep you bike balanced and get through the game without a crash.

These are the best motorcycle games on my list at this time and will help you beat any bouts of boredom you may be experiencing. Every time there is a new thrill to be enjoyed in any one of these games

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Purchasing Enduro Motorcycles

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If you like to ride motorcycles, especially if you do motocross racing, you might want to consider owning Enduro motorcycles as well. These are patterned after MX bikes, and have many features that people really like including sump protectors, oversized gas tanks, and extremely reliable engines. And they are also made of very durable components that are extremely heavy, and they are built for long-distance use. They have long travel suspension, perfect for off-road racing, and many of them have street legal features such as quiet mufflers and headlights which will allow you to use them on the regular highway.

Features Of Enduro Motorcycles

The best features of these bikes include the large and powerful engines that many writers take advantage of. In the UK where they are often purchased and used, especially in wet or inclement areas, they will work much better than an average street bike. However, they are designed to work in drier climates which is why you will often see them with writers going off road. There are several design differences that you will immediately see when you are comparing motocross bikes and these which you should know about before you decide to purchase one.

Differences Between Enduro Motorcycles And Motocross Bikes

Some of the differences that you will automatically notice include break and taillights, headlights, and hand guards for protection on the brake and clutch. They will have an exhaust system that is built in so that they will definitely be street legal, and the noise will be muffled to some degree, preventing people from complaining. They also have a wide ratio gearbox which is very different from motocross bikes, and narrow handlebars. Some of them are equipped with a heavy flywheel, and also a role chart holder indicative of this type of bike.

Where Can You Get Them On Sale?

You can actually get these bikes on sale if you know where to look, specifically from reputable dealers. There are many different manufacturers that you also might want to consider as each one will make these bikes in a slightly different manner. Some of these manufacturers are well-known including Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Honda to name a few. By comparing the different models that they have created, and the prices that they charge, you can find one that is right for you.

After you have done research on both new and used Enduro bikes that are for sale, you will find one that is affordable. Just make sure that it has all of the features that you are looking for, and if you want to drive it on the road, it should have all of the necessary extras including headlights, taillights, and a muffler system to make them as quiet as possible. These are great bikes to own and you can quickly find one that will fit your needs, and your budget, by searching through your local paper and also on the web. This will be a great investment for anyone that is into riding a bike on the street, and also does off-road racing.

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6 Places To Find Motor Cycle Parts

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motorcycle partss
Whether you need to replace or upgrade something, or you like building your own custom rides, there are times that you need to find motor cycle parts. Keep reading to learn 6 of them you should check out routinely.

1) Online: The Internet has become a great place to look for motor cycle parts. Of course giant e-commerce sites like eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist are places to start, but also keep an eye out for websites specific to this area of buying and selling. Forums and social media groups are great places to trade too. Just be crystal clear on whether or not anything specific you get is original or aftermarket.

2) Trade shows: Motorcycle shows are great places not only to meet dealers and buy parts, but also to see projects you have never laid eyes on and get ideas you can do yourself. Even if you don’t do any business with dealers at the show, you might strike up conversations with other local enthusiasts attending that can give you contacts and leads on places to get parts. Always be willing to keep your eyes open for trade shows in neighboring cities or counties, as they are often worth a little bit of a drive.

3) Flea markets: These marketplaces are hit and miss. You can go strolling through one all day and not find a single dealer of motorcycle parts, or you might come across a stall or booth that has crates and boxes you can sift through for hours and find more than you can possibly afford to buy all at once. Even if you don’t get a ton of things the first day, get to know the dealer and keep in touch to know when and where he’ll be selling again in the future.

4) Local club: If you are truly passionate about riding, then you are probably a member of a local riding club. It’s likely that there are at least a few people there that work on bikes in their garage or shed at home and have a stockpile of parts laying around. In this case, they’re not likely going to just take cash, but trading for other parts is usually a possibility, especially if someone has projects they started collecting for but never finished.

5) Retail: If you build your own bikes or at least just work on them a little, this might not be your first option. This is especially true for situations where you want a very premium part, or are looking for parts for an older or custom bike. However, if you are in a time crunch and just need a basic version of a part that’s not overly important to look or authenticity, then sometimes just running down to your local auto store is all you can do.

6) Mechanics/Garages: Either individually owned and operated mechanics or even garages belonging to larger chains have to keep parts in stock in order to do their own work. Keep in mind though that chains usually either have their own retail store attached they would refer you to, or get their parts from a retail chain, have them delivered to them, and then charge you a markup. Independent garages might be a little different, but your best bet is to get to know members of the staff, who might do work on the side and be willing to deal with you when out of earshot of their boss or employees.

Now that you know these 6 places to find motor cycle parts, you should never fail in a quest to find any specific part or component that you ever want or need.

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What To Look For In An Average Motorcycle Insurance Policy

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Motorcycle insurance does not differ all that much from insurance provided to drivers of other types of vehicles. Motorcycles require plenty of insurance because the driver’s vehicle is and belongings are particularly vulnerable to theft.

In addition, motorcyclists are in danger of self-injury or bike damage while they are on the road. Meanwhile, it is possible to cause bodily injury or damage to other people’s property too.

It sure seems like a lot of information to take into account. The limits of motorcycle coverage are like automobile coverage in that most states have established minimum insurance coverage for registered drivers.

In general, the coverage for SUVs, automobiles, and pickup trucks is the same as it is for a motorcycle. Meaning, if Utah expects its drivers to carry a minimum of $10,000 in liability coverage, then motorcyclists would be required to carry the same liability coverage.

It is important to have a policy that is customized to meet your specific state requirements while protecting your unique bike, and your asset holdings. Include all of these consideration when determining your level of coverage for any vehicle. For starters, you need to adhere to your state laws.

From there, look for an insurance company that covers any additions, custom parts, or alterations you have made to the engine or body of the bike. Some insurers will recognize how much safer you made your bike, while other will categorically charge more if you customize or alter the stock bike.

What Constitutes A Motorcycle?

It all depends upon the power of the bike whether it is classified as a motorcycle that requires motorcycle insurance and must be registered with the state,or if it is a moped, for instance. Motorcycles have two wheels, and clear the 55 cc displacement marker, generally speaking.

Ensure your liability coverage is ample to cover the assets you have. Consider cash, retirement accounts, houses, land, and even vehicles. Otherwise, you could leave yourself up to lawsuits that — if lost — expect you to sell your property or hand over cash to pay out. Instead, buy sufficient insurance to let the insurance carrier assume the liability and the financial risk for you.

Those are the basics of insurance for motorcyclists. You may want to include extras such as roadside assistance and rental cars in your coverage. That way, if you are stranded, you have a hope of getting home, at the insurance company’s dime, not on your own.

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Tips for Riding a Motorcycle in the Rain

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people drive motorbike in heavy rain day

Motorcycles are an excellent way to get around. Not only are they affordable to operate and easy to store, but their low fuel consumption makes them an environmentally friendly choice for transportation. Despite all these positive points, there are some drawbacks to riding a bike. One of the biggest disadvantages is that they can be difficult to handle during periods of inclement weather.

Fortunately, there are a few ways on how you can make riding in the rain not just enjoyable, but also safe.

  1. Always wear protective rain gear

  2. When you are flying down the road, rainwater can hurt. Because of that, it is important to make sure that your skin and body are properly protected. Wear a rain suit to keep yourself dry, and make sure your head and face are protected by a helmet.

  3. Only ride in the rain if your tires are designed for it

  4. Roads can become slippery when they are covered with water, and the last thing you want is to get out of control because you have the wrong tires on your bike.

  5. Avoid potentially slick surfaces

  6. That includes lines that have been painted on the roadway, metal plates in areas of road construction or other non-porous surfaces. If you can’t get around these items, just be aware of how slick they are and approach them with extreme caution.

  7. Brake gently to avoid sliding

  8. Leave plenty of room to slow down so you don’t have to hit the brake too hard. This includes leaving adequate following distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you.

  9. Whenever possible, avoid riding through puddles

  10. What looks like a shallow puddle can actually be a gaping hole in the pavement. You never know what lies beneath the surface of the water, which is why puddles should be avoided.

  11. Wear high visibility clothing

  12. Doing this will make it easier for other drivers to see you. The rain can make it harder for people to see, so it is important to make yourself stand out from your surroundings as much as possible.

These are just a few tips for riding a motorcycle in the rain. As long as you remember to take things slow and proceed with caution, you should be able to safely get around on your bike even when it is raining outside.

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Is It Hard to Ride a Motorcycle?

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man riding motorcycle in asphalt road

There are lots of people who are currently interested in learning how to ride a motorcycle; there are lots of great things that come with this. For one, there are those who think that riding a motorcycle can be a lot more fun, especially at high speeds, than driving a car. This is especially true for people who are into thrilling, adrenaline-inducing sports and activities. Many who are interested in this activity wonder if whether or not motorcycle riding is hard.


This article will provide helpful information in order to answer this question.


Do You Have a Sense of Balance?


The first thing that you should understand is that riding a motorcycle requires a sense of balance. Balance is absolutely vital be able to properly drive a motorcycle. Although balance does not play as much a part in motorcycle riding than it does in regular bicycle riding, it is nonetheless very important. People who could find the balance often have difficulty in riding a motorcycle. That being said, those who lack a sense of balance will be able to correct this through balancing exercises and practicing on bicycles on a regular basis


Are You Ready to Go with the Flow?


Furthermore, one of the more difficult aspects that a lot of people deal with when learning how to ride a motorcycle is turning. Unlike cars, which stay upright whenever maneuvered to make a turn, motorcycles tend to lean as they turn. When a motorcycle has to complete quite a long turn, the rider would look like he’s about to fall or touch the ground. This may look quite scary for others, but for the rider, it is completely normal. Many people are scared about going with the flow and allowing the bike to tilt as it turns, and this is what causes accidents and problems.


When it comes to riding a motorcycle, the most important thing is to go with the flow. This means that even if leaning to one side may appear nerve-racking, it is important not to resist and just follow the natural movement of the motorcycle. Resisting and causing unnecessary force on a motorcycle is what causes the motorcycle to lose its traction, which could lead to a horrific accident.


It is a fact that when it comes to motorcycling, one simple mistake can cost a life. Unlike cars, motorcycles do not have airbags and tonnes of metal to protect the rider. It is for this reason that a person should be well-educated and absolutely comfortable riding a motorcycle before he goes out to hit the road


Hopefully, this article has answered any questions that a person may have had with regard to how hard it is to ride a motorcycle. Yes, it may be difficult at first, but with proper training and good balance, you will be riding that motorcycle like a pro.

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